A downloadable game

Start off with two moves, and every time you score a point you get a new move. But you can only execute these moves in the order they turn up, which is randomised each time you play.

New maps and game modes are unlocked for achieving high scores etc. or you can just hit the "Unlock Everything" button on the menu screen if you ain't got time for that ;)

Music and background menu graphic are NOT my work.


Turnaround.exe 33 MB


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The mechanics and the way they work together are something else.

I especially love the strategies you have to come up with while thinking about your next moves - and the fact that the shot serves the dual purpose of pushing you away.

It did feel a little bit easy though - perhaps enemies could perform various other actions, like placing stun-traps or disabling certain moves when in a certain radius. Just some suggestions to mix it up - the mechanics could definitely be explored here.

Great job, this feels different!